The Underrated Cincinnati Toy Store That Will Bring Out The Child In You

If you have fond memories from childhood of waking up on Saturday mornings to enjoy a bowl of Lucky Charms while watching classic cartoons, then this shop might just bring a tear to your eye. The nostalgia of this Cincinnati toy store is overwhelming, as it’s overflowing with toys from our Saturday morning cartoon past. Saturday Morning Heroes in Sharonville now has a storefront and is selling, buying, and trading toys that will bring out the child in you.

Have you been able to stop into Saturday Morning Heroes yet? Are you excited to search for a hidden gem that will remind you of your childhood? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments! Saturday Morning Heroes is located at 11119 Reading Rd. Sharonville, OH 45241. For more info and sneak peaks of what they have in the store, follow along with them on Facebook here.