There Are Less Than 40 Seats At This Tiny Cincinnati Restaurant But The Food Is So Worth The Wait

Bigger doesn’t always mean better and that definitely holds true when it comes to restaurants. In fact, some of the best food in Cincinnati can be found within tiny restaurants, carry out locations, and food trucks that all make up for their size with incredible flavor. These small but mighty eateries are often the favorites in the city, and one that definitely tops the list for many locals is Proud Rooster in Clifton. This tiny storefront can’t seat many, yet many enjoy its classic breakfast and lunch options and if you do show up and have to wait, it’s always worth it.

Proud Rooster is a nostalgic Cincinnati restaurant that hasn’t had to change much with the times to remain a favorite of locals. Is this “greasy spoon” one of your go-to spots in the city? Let us know in the comments!

Proud Rooster Restaurant is located at 345 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220. For more information, follow along with them on Facebook here.

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