10 Food Faux-Pas No Cincinnatian Should Ever Commit

Food is serious business in Cincinnati, as in we all love it and our city has the best of the best. We have great fine dining options, local favorites that have spread across the country, and mom & pop diners that are as delicious as they are comforting. Given that Cincinnatians take our food seriously, you’ll want to be careful not to make these mistakes while eating in the city. Enjoy the Queen City’s amazing food, but keep in mind these 10 food faux-pas no Cincinnatian should ever commit.

Relax and enjoy all of the delicious food our city has to offer, but steer clear of these 10 food faux-pas you never want to commit. Are you guilty of any of these food mistakes in Cincinnati? Any others you’d add to the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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