The Easy Winter Hike In Cincinnati That’s Positively Bewitching

It may require a few more layers, but hiking in the winter can be just as fun as on a warm spring day. In fact, if you time it right and head out after a freshly fallen snow, your time outdoors can be just what your soul needs. There are many hiking trails around Cincinnati that you can experience during the colder months, some more challenging than others. But if you’re looking for an easy hike, that’s easily accessible, then we have an unexpected place for you to try. Spring Grove Cemetery is the easy winter hike in Cincinnati that’s positively bewitching.

Spring Grove Cemetery is an enchanting place to hike and explore all year long. Where do you go for a beautiful winter hike? Let us know in the comments!

Spring Grove Cemetery is located at 4521 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45232. For more information, including a map and a self-guided tour, visit its website here.

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