The Most Unusual Restaurant In Northern California Needs To Be Experienced To Be Believed

Editor’s Note: As of August 2020, Foster’s Bighorn is temporarily closed.

Located at the eastern end of Solano County is the quaint town known as Rio Vista. Home to just 7,360, the town isn’t really a hot spot for tourists but locals seem to be happy with their charming little community. If you found yourself driving through it, you wouldn’t believe there was any unique attractions worth stopping for. You’d be wrong. Rio Vista is home to one of the strangest restaurants in all of California and it’s definitely the type of place you need to see to believe. This unique restaurant is well worth a visit…but maybe not if you’re a vegetarian.

Did you know about this incredibly unique restaurant? It’s hard to believe such a notable taxidermy collection is hiding in little ol’ Rio Vista! Check out our list of 12 Restaurants In Northern California To Visit Before You Die for more one-of-a-kind gems.

Address: 143 Main St, Rio Vista, CA 94571