Here Are 15 Unique Day Trips In Northern California That Are An Absolute Must-Do

The Golden State is perfect for some of the best day trips in Northern California. We have cool cities, quaint towns, wineries, orchards, beaches, and beautiful scenery. If it is a variety you crave, drive anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to find yourself in a completely different climate, with amazing new discoveries. This is an awesome and magical place. So next weekend, when you are sitting around with nothing to do, hop in the car, on a bicycle, or on a motorcycle, or whatever gets you around, and find these amazing opportunities to have a great time.

What are your favorite activities or destinations from this list? Be sure to share your best day trips in Northern California with a comment! For more Northern California adventure and travel ideas, we think you might like to take this road trip through Northern California’s most picturesque small towns.

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More Day Trips In Northern California

June 23, 2022

Where are the best waterfront restaurants in Northern California?

A few of the best waterfront restaurants in Northern California include:


Nick’s Cove Restaurant and Oyster Bar, located on California State Route 1 in Marshall, California, serves award-winning cuisine along one of the most gorgeous coastal settings in the state. Located on the West Marin coast, this unique restaurant serves an abundance of farm-fresh seasonal and locally-delicious California cuisine. The menu offers entrees using products of local dairy and produce farmers and fresh seafood from Tomales Bay and nearby waters. Try the crab macaroni and cheese or sample some of the locally-harvested oysters.

Where is another one of the best day trips in Northern California?

If you are looking for day trips near you in Northern California try Preston Castle. A trip to Preston Castle is an interesting destination, especially for those loving history. Constructed in 1894, the castle was the administration building for the Preston School of Industry, which was a reform school for boys made to look like a school instead of a prison, with its Romanesque Revival style of architecture. In 1960 the school closed with the state's plan to demolish the building. For the next eight years, a group of local women fought to prevent the demolition. The building and about 13 acres, is now owned by the Preston Castle Foundation, which is working to preserve its history. Public tours are available, especially near Halloween, with the Preston Castle Haunt.

What is another one of the most unique things to do around Northern California?

The Cypress Tree Tunnel at Point Reyes National Seashore is one of the best getaway spots near me. Point Reyes National Seashore is an expansive and protected coastline in Marin County of Northern California. The National Seashore has identified 12 historic cultural landscapes that are being evaluated and documented, following the guidelines of the National Register of Historic Places. The Cypress Tree Tunnel is one of those historic landscapes. The Monterey cypress, planted around 1930, create the tree tunnel leading to the Point Reyes Maritime Radio Receiving Station.