No summer in Northern California is complete without visiting our favorite swimming spots. As the days get hotter, you’ll probably be seeking out somewhere you can cool off while taking in NorCal’s brilliant natural beauty. Well, there’s no going wrong with a visit to the McCloud River where you’ll find not one, not two, but *three* gorgeous waterfalls, in addition to a swimming hole where you can enjoy a nice cold swim! Read on to find out more about the beautiful McCloud Falls in Northern California.

Have you taken a soak in the pool at the bottom of Lower McCloud Falls in Northern California? Feel free to drop your photos of this beautiful destination in the comments below!

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McCloud Falls in Northern California

What else is there to do on the hike to McCloud Falls in Northern California?

While known primarily as a summertime swimming hole, McCloud Falls is also absolutely sublime in the autumn during the height of fall foliage in Northern California. For a picturesque outing that's bound to make your fall season, head on over to one of Northern California's most beloved waterfalls: McCloud Falls. Comprised of three different sections, this waterfall is a beauty to behold -- especially when surrounded by fall colors. You'll find the falls located off Highway 89. Head east on the highway away from town and turn right onto the road marked for the McCloud River Loop. Continue driving for just under a mile. You'll pass Fowlers Campground before turning left into the parking lot for the Lower Falls Picnic Area. When the weather starts to cool off in NorCal, this is a marvelous and accessible fall hike. This three-tiered waterfall is a stunning sight to see all year long, but there’s something about seeing this waterfall surrounded by fall colors that makes it so much better! Shades of gold, orange, and red will completely surround you. Simply put, the landscape looks like a scene pulled straight from a postcard!

What are some other waterfall swimming holes in NorCal?

There are tons of great waterfalls around Northern California that you can shoot to see, especially if you live around Redding. This waterfall loop in Northern California is a great way to adventure through the state, seeing some of Northern California’s prettiest scenery along the way. It’s here you’ll find a waterfall day trip that’s been dubbed the “Redding Waterfall Loop,” and, if you have an afternoon to spare, there's nothing better. In the summer, there are some amazing waterfalls on the loop; in addition to the swimming holes at McCloud Falls, Hedge Creek Falls is a beautiful, walk-behind waterfall that's sure to capture your heart.

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