There’s A Bigfoot Museum In Northern California And It’s Full Of Fascinating Oddities, Artifacts, And More

Welcome to Willow Creek, a.k.a. Bigfoot Country! Yes, Northern California has Bigfoot Country, where legends of a large furry humanoid roaming the woods are abundant. In fact, there’s an entire museum dedicated to the legend of Bigfoot and, believe it or not, it’s well worth a visit. The Willow Creek-China Flat Museum is filled with oddities, artifacts, and other items that may just turn you into a believer (if you aren’t one already.) Check it out and be sure to keep an eye out for Bigfoot!

Have you been to this wacky Bigfoot Museum in Willow Creek? Just when we thought we’d seen it all…Share your thoughts and Bigfoot experiences with us in the comments below. We would love to hear ’em!

Address: Willow Creek China Flat Museum, 38949 CA-299, Willow Creek, CA 95573, USA

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