The 8 Best Places To Hide In North Dakota In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse

In the bizarre event that some sort of global zombie outbreak would occur, North Dakota would probably be pretty safe. It has a lot of space between each town and unless zombies are really good runners with an insane amount of stamina, it would take them a while to get from place to place and spread whatever they have. You can never be too cautious, though! This list is more for fun, and we’ll be looking at 8 places in North Dakota that would be perfect to fortify yourself in if something like The Walking Dead occurs.

Here’s hoping it never happens!

Where would you hide during a zombie apocalypse? Here are 15 small towns in North Dakota that have the smallest populations – a good choice for a zombie outbreak!

In all seriousness, being prepared for disaster is important, but it’s more important to prepare for things like floods or other natural disasters. You can find information about preparing for emergencies in North Dakota at the ND Department of Emergency Services. It has a list of different natural disasters and how to prepare for them.