This Threshing Machine Graveyard In North Dakota Is Truly Something To Marvel Over

North Dakota has always been an agriculturally driven state. Farmers have been farming here for more than a century, and during that time technology has changed. We’ve gone from horse-drawn plows to satellite-driven, driverless tractors. But what happened to all those old machines from the far off yesteryear, what are now like dinosaurs to today’s technology? You can actually find an unusual yet fascinating collection of them in one particular spot in the Peace Garden State, and here’s where:

Have you ever seen anything like this? It’s truly an only in North Dakota place! It would be interesting to see these threshing machines in their prime back when they were still in use and to experience the state’s farming at that time. We don’t have any time machines yet, but you can check out these vintage photographs that show ND’s rich history in agriculture.

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