The Secret Garden In North Dakota You’re Guaranteed To Love

North Dakota is no stranger to unique gardens. It is called the Peace Garden State, after all! Beyond the International Peace Garden are others hidden around the state that not as many people know about. One such garden is the Rainbow Garden in Mayville, ND. It’s beautiful and you’ve probably never seen anything quite like it, but you’ll love it!

This garden would be a fabulous place for a picnic and they do have picnic tables to use. It is truly a wonderful place and a great piece of North Dakota! You can visit it yourself at any time.

The Rainbow Garden is located at 367 3rd St SW, Mayville, ND, 58257. You can learn more about the garden by visiting the official website here.

The International Peace Garden is another option for a unique experience, and there are more fascinating places to visit in North Dakota that you’ll love, too!