Take These 11 Country Roads In North Dakota For A Gorgeous Scenic Drive

One of the best things about North Dakota is that a country road is never far, no matter where you are in the state. These back roads, whether they be deserted dirt roads or paved county roads, will take you through the wide expanse of fields, prairies, rolling hills and badlands that fill the state, as well as through some of the hidden small towns you might have never known to exist otherwise.

The next time you get the chance, take a drive on one of these to explore the true beauty of North Dakota and see what’s waiting for you:

Driving through North Dakota is one of my favorite things to do, especially near dusk when the sun is setting and the land turns into a masterpiece. Once you get out far enough, you can pull over, stop the car, and star gaze. I’ve never experienced anything like it anywhere else! Where are your favorite places to take a scenic drive in North Dakota?

The official ND scenic byways are hard to beat when it comes to amazing drives. Check out a map of them and learn about each route you can take by clicking here.