The North Fork Trail Will Take You To See The Most Spectacular Fall Foliage In North Dakota

The colors of fall never seem to get any less beautiful no matter how many years you’ve been around to see them. They are fleeting, however, and the leaves are already beginning to fall in some places. Embrace the beauty of the season and take a trail through some of the prettiest fall foliage in all of North Dakota. The incredible array of colors will amaze you on this short and sweet hike:

Fort Ransom State Park is open year-round and you can find all the information you’ll need for your visit by visiting its official webpage.

Have you ever visited Fort Ransom State Park during the fall before? It’s truly one of the best spots in North Dakota to see the foliage. Plus, while you’re there, you can visit the nearby small town of Fort Ransom – another scenic spot. Learn more here.

Address: Fort Ransom State Park, 5981 Walt Hjelle Pkwy, Fort Ransom, ND 58033, USA