People Drive From All Over For The German Specials At This Charming North Dakota Cafe

In the absolutely lovely town of Hague, North Dakota, there is a cafe that’s recently received a fresh upgrade but kept to its old roots. People still drive from all over to visit this tiny city with a population of just 71 residents for the food at this cafe. The German special they have are especially popular and you’ll want to head over there to try it for yourself.

The Hague Cafe is located at 220 Main Ave. W, Hague, ND 58542. To see their hours and check for their current special you can visit their Facebook page.

North Dakota loves German food — that’s certainly no secret — and many of the state’s most iconic dishes are German. After having a hearty meal at the Hague Cafe, why not indulge in a classic German dessert: kuchen! Click here to find out where to find the best kuchen in ND.