The Teensy Tiny Town In North Dakota That Everyone Loves

Outside of the big cities, the most known town in all of North Dakota is probably in this little corner of the state, the one that draws in thousands of tourists and is the state’s top vacation destination. Everyone here has probably heard of it by now. You’ve seen the billboards and commercials, and you know the catchy “explore it, adore it” motto behind it.

And what is it exactly? Medora, of course! This little town with just 112 residents has become a staple of the Peace Garden State’s tourism campaign and draws in tons of people from around the world. It’s one of those “you have to experience it at least once” places. It didn’t become the most popular small towns in the state for no reason. If you haven’t been there before, here is what you’re missing out on:

Everything you need to know about this town can be found on the Medora website.

As mentioned, this town borders the one and only national park in North Dakota. That place is an experience of its own, and you need to check it out.