The World’s Largest Radio Mast Is Right Here In North Dakota And You’ll Want To Visit

North Dakota is home to something that is, quite frankly, hard to comprehend unless you’ve seen it in person. This structure was once the tallest manmade structure in the entire world and is still the tallest structure in the entire western hemisphere. This creation surpasses the height of pretty much any famous building you can think of, and it’s sitting out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:

The KVLY-TV mast is hard to truly appreciate without seeing it in person, considering its immense height. You can see it about three miles west of Blanchard, ND.

Had you known that North Dakota contained the tallest structure in the western hemisphere before? The Peace Garden State is full of surprises that many people don’t realize. Click here for more crazy and interesting facts about the state!

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