The Little Known Cave In North Dakota That Everyone Should Explore At Least Once

North Dakota isn’t particularly known for having deep caverns or huge caves – in fact, very few caves exist in the state. Those that are present are more often than not formed by “slope failure,” when hollows or caverns form in slopes that collapse partially, instead of caves carved out by underground rivers or similar factors. These types of caves still look like caves to us, and North Dakota has a rather special set of caves you may not have known about. Venture under the earth into these gorgeous ice caves:

Check out this video by Blindly Made Videos of their exploration of the ice caves. They do quite a bit of exploring and it shows how big and interesting these caves are, as well as some wildlife you might see in the area when visiting.

Have you ever visited the Maah Daah Hey Trail? There are other awesome things to see on it besides the Ice Cave – after all, it’s 95 miles of trails through the beautiful badlands! Read more about it right here.