Aerial videos have become huge in the past few years. With the availability of small drones, many people have taken it up as a hobby. And YouTube makes it super easy for cinematographers to share their videos with the world. This beautiful drone video of North Dakota captures our state in a whole new way, and we are positively dazzled by the beauty of the harvest!

In fact, there are quite a few drone videos that have been taken of North Dakota, like this one of the badlands. But there are not many more popular videos on YouTube of our beautiful state from the sky, than what you’ll see in the following video. With over 240,000 views and counting, YouTube channel The Burbank Blues captured this mesmerizing footage of a corn harvest in the fields of our amazing state. It’s absolutely fascinating to see this very common job in North Dakota from a whole new angle.

Harvest time in North Dakota is both sacred and celebrated; farming is the foundation of our state, and we’re proud of the farmers here who work so hard on the land. In fact, there are several annual festivals in North Dakota celebrating the harvest: Harvestfest in Haven is a beloved annual event, held every year in early September. There is something for everyone at this lively event: live music, a classic car show, vendors, parades, dances, inflatables, beer, and brats; there are even some more unique activities like dill pickle canning contests, wiener dog races, and the Pride of Dakota show.

Aren’t you totally mesmerized by this beautiful drone video of North Dakota? The Peace Garden State sure is pretty. You can find more interesting drone footage taken in North Dakota right here. And if you’re more into photography, these 11 aerial photographs of North Dakota will leave you absolutely speechless.

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Drone video in North Dakota

What are some films about North Dakota?

We're going to go the pop culture route here, and name perhaps the most famous movie about, and set in, North Dakota. This one is kind of a given, but also kind of not. Absolutely zero scenes in Fargo were filmed in the actual city itself. There was only one scene actually set in Fargo but it wasn't filmed there. Most of the filming was done in and around Minneapolis. But -- there were indeed scenes filmed here, but they were pretending to be Minnesota in the movie itself. Here's where North Dakota got its time to shine: the Paul Bunyan statue shots. (Paul Bunyan is kind of a North Dakota icon.) They built the statue specifically for the movie somewhat north of Grand Forks. It never existed in real Brainerd where a majority of the movie is set. Fun tidbit: despite the total lack of filming in the city of Fargo, the wood chipper prop from the movie can be found at the visitor's center there. You can take a picture with it while pushing a prop leg down into it, if you'd like.

Is there any other cool aerial footage of North Dakota?

Visiting the badlands of North Dakota is already beautiful in itself. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of our biggest and most popular national parks, and for good reason. If you haven’t visited it yet yourself, you have to at some point. But even if you have been there before, when you see it from a bird’s eye view it is on a whole other level of breathtaking. Youtube user SwiftSpeers uploaded this amazing drone footage of the gorgeous landscape and you have to see it to believe it!

Where are some pretty farms in North Dakota?

There your standard "farm" -- and then there's your North Dakota farm. Ours are the prettiest, most charming in the country, full of some of the most breathtaking scenery and natural splendor. Between our epic sunsets and expansive panoramas, you'll positively swoon over these 10 pretty farms in North Dakota.