One Of The Last WWII Blimp Hangars Is Right Here In North Carolina And It’s So Worth A Visit

North Carolina is home to the only remaining steel blimp hangar built during WWII. It was constructed from 1941 to 1942 in a nationwide effort to build a lightweight air fleet (of blimps) that would be instrumental in spotting German U-boats. The fact this it is still standing (and also in operation in the private sector) is amazing! Did you know it was here?

Did you know this important piece of history was hiding in North Carolina? It’s located at 190 T Com Dr., Elizabeth City, NC 27909. If you want to visit, you’ll only get so close before you’re forced to stop. The facility has a ‘Private Property, Keep Out’ sign posted along the road leading to the hangar.

The Tar Heel State was instrumental in many ways during the second World War. Did you know North Carolina was home to a huge WWII German prison camp? Read on to learn more!