Looks can be deceiving. If you live in the Raleigh area, you may have noticed something very strange about this house on Wade Avenue. From the outside, it looks exactly like a typical house: a nice yard, two white columns, a brick facade, and a few windows. Thousands of people drive past it on a daily basis. Yet observant people may notice a few odd traits about this particular mysterious house in Raleigh.

For one, there’s no driveway. There’s also no walkway leading to the front entrance. There are never any lights on, which leads some to believe that no one lives inside. And yet this mysterious house in Raleigh isn’t at all abandoned and serves a very real purpose. Are you curious to learn what’s inside this mystery house? Watch the video below to figure out the mystery of 3215 Wade Avenue. (Hint: it’s nothing sinister and most likely not what you’re expecting at all!)

So there you have it, folks. The mysterious house in Raleigh is none other than the city’s public utilities water booster pump station. These pumps maintain the city’s water pressure during the day. When operating at max capacity, the system pumps 45 million gallons of water a day! How cool is that? As you heard in the video, the city of Raleigh has about 20 of these pump stations, but there’s only one that’s disguised as a house.

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Mysterious House in Raleigh

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