The Strangest Thing To Ever Wash Ashore In North Carolina

Strange object wash ashore every day, from a tethered item that seems to belong to on a boat, to a soggy bag of chips, to even a strange looking fish or two. But hurricanes, strong winds, and capsized ships can bring all sorts of strangeness to local beaches. One such object to wash ashore in North Carolina is considered nightmare inducing for some.

You never know what might wash ashore, including an ancient fossil that might as well belong to a sea monster! On a lighter note, in 2006, a ship heading to Central America spilled a container of Doritos and they washed ashore in North Carolina. Airtight and still fresh, once word got out, herds of people came to snag a bag or two. A bit more relaxed than a megalodon tooth if I say so myself.

What would you do if you stumbled upon a giant fossil on the beach? Have you ever found anything truly strange that had washed ashore?

In North Carolina, it’s not just the beach that experiences strange items washing ashore, but the ocean can get extra weird as well with neon, glowing waves. Read about it here.