Here’s The Story Behind The Grave Of The Man Crushed By An Elephant In North Carolina

The world has been shocked on more than one occasion when circus animals have turned on their trainers and injured, maimed, or even killed the trainer. And history tells the 1880 tale where such an unfortunate event occurred right here in the Tar Heel State. Take a moment and read all about the man crushed by an elephant in North Carolina.

Did you know about this unfortunate circus incident from more than 140 years ago? Who knew there was a man crushed by an elephant in North Carolina? The John Robinson Circus was family owned from 1842 until 1911 and was managed by four generations of Robinsons before selling to the American Circus Corporation – which eventually sold to Ringling Bros.

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Address: Historic Elmwood/Pinewood Cemeteries, 700 W 6th St, Charlotte, NC 28202, USA