Why People Go Crazy For Livermush In Small Town North Carolina

Just the sound of the word ‘livermush’ doesn’t conjure up the most pleasant thought. How could something be so delicious with such an off-putting name? While I’ve passed it more than a few times in the grocery store and even been in its presence, honestly, I’ve always been a bit too scared to try it.

Yet, for many in the southern Piedmont and foothills region of the state, livermush isn’t just a dish served with grits and eggs at breakfast, it’s a way of life, it’s a staple food item that is ingrained in the culture. From grandparents to award-winning chefs to a quick and hearty breakfast that you prepare in your own kitchen, livermush transcends North Carolina culture and maybe we all should swallow our fear (literally) and give it a try.

Livermush is such a unique food item! Have you mustered up the courage to try it? Did you grow up eating it? What are your thoughts on livermush?

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