Hiding in dense rainforest in North Carolina, just eight miles from Cashiers, is 26 miles of pristine shoreline, islands perfect for a pit stop, three waterfalls, and the highest elevation lake east of the Mississippi. Lake Glenville in North Carolina is a beautiful reservoir with turquoise water, gorgeous scenery, and the perfect spot for every type of outdoor enthusiast.

If you need more reasons to visit, Romantic Asheville made a great video exploring the gorgeous lake! It’s almost like being right there.

We’re totally ready to plan a weekend away here, what about you? Have you visited Lake Glenville before? If so, leave us a comment and share any tips or tricks to make a visit even more enjoyable!

If you love lake life, there’s something magical about the beautiful lakes in North Carolina.

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Lake Glenville in North Carolina

Where are the most pristine lakes in North Carolina?  

North Carolina is home to numerous stunning lakes, all of which are worth a visit someday. Many of them are fairly shallow – some only have a max depth of around four feet! So, which of these multitudes of lakes is the cleanest? One of the most amazing lakes in North Carolina is White Lake, which is almost too clear to be real! Not only that, but it’s also home to one of the downright best beaches in North Carolina, too. Other wonderfully clear lakes in North Carolina include shimmering gems like:

  • Lake Glenville
  • Jordan Lake
  • High Rock Lake
  • Price Lake
  • Falls Lake, which even banned gasoline-powered boats, resulting in what some will think makes it extra perfect. 


What are the best beaches in North Carolina?  

Did you know there are lots of stunning beaches in North Carolina just waiting for you to visit? It’s true! There are all sorts of crystal-clear, stunningly beautiful beaches all over the state – even inland! Some of our favorite beaches in North Carolina include beaches like:

The sand is soft and warm. The sky is endless and blue. The water is clean and clear. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the amazing North Carolina beaches when you can.  

Are there any good swimming lakes in North Carolina?  

Without a doubt! North Carolina is peppered with excellent swimming holes and lakes, and it’s hard to decide which one to visit first. Some of our favorite swimming lakes in North Carolina include to-die-for beauties like:

  • Lake Santeetlah, which is known for being quiet and serene. It’s also got 76 miles of shoreline, so when you’re done swimming, you can relax!
  • Lake Norman is even bigger, with 520 miles of shoreline and all the options for water-based recreation 
  • We also love Lake James
  • There's Fontana Lake...
  • and Lake Glenville, too.

All of these are perfect swimming holes in North Carolina for a warm day.

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