Search For Spooky Sights At Henry River Mill Village, An Abandoned Town In North Carolina

After the release of the first Hunger Games movie, thousands of people traveled to Henry River Mill Village to get a glimpse at the real ghost town behind District 12. While Henry River attracted travelers and tourists, many locals have stayed far away from the eerie ghost town, and even after the Hunger Games, still choose to do so. Are you brave enough to explore this spooky abandoned town in North Carolina?

There’s certainly something terrifying about Henry River, especially after reading these stories about this abandoned town in North Carolina. Have you had any spooky encounters here? Share your tales in the comments below!

Want to learn more about abandoned cities in North Carolina? The stories behind these seven ghost towns are truly grim.

Address: Henry River, NC 28602, USA

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Abandoned Town in North Carolina

November 24, 2019

Are there any ghost towns in North Carolina?

Mortimer is a truly spooky North Carolina ghost town. This area was once a booming mill city, but it quickly fell into ruin when a giant flood swept through the area. Today, all that remains are dilapidated buildings and an eerie atmosphere. Venture to Caldwell County and experience it for yourself… if you dare. Brunswick Town is another fascinating North Carolina ghost town. It’s not as scary as some of the others, and many people use the magnificent ruins as a backdrop to romantic weddings. Bring your camera and soak up the history!

What’s the most haunted place in North Carolina?

There’s a truly chilling destination located near Silver City called The Devil’s Tramping Ground. This 40-diameter circle is completely devoid of life, and tale surrounding this terrifying destination will keep you up at night. If you’re feeling brave, you can pitch a tent and camp here. But be warned — these stories are not for the faint of heart.  Learn more about this haunted North Carolina place by reading our feature article here.

What’s the scariest North Carolina ghost story?

The scariest North Carolina ghost story takes place at what was once called Payne Road. Today, it’s called Edward’s Road, but it still has lingering visitors from the past. Travelers have reported seeing the ghosts of murder victims staring at cars as they drive by. Legend has it, the spirits were involved in a horrifying murder-suicide that ended with a young man being burned alive. To learn more about these nightmarish tales, read our feature article here.

Address: Henry River, NC 28602, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.