This Secluded Lagoon In New York Belongs On Your Bucket List

There isn’t a better time than summer in New York to escape the city and set out on an adventure into the mountains. Luckily for New Yorkers and tourists passing through the state, there is an endless series of trails, waterfalls and amazing views. And sometimes, all three of those things come together, creating the perfect environment for anyone who loves the outdoors. Enfield Falls outside Ithaca draws more and more visitors every year with a beautiful mountain swimming hole. Throw in a platform for divers, and you’ve got a weekend trip that you’ll want to take before summer’s end.

At a time when cities can feel especially suffocating, a fun adventure is good for the soul. Enfield Falls is the perfect spot, whether you’re looking for a relaxing forest haven or a fun spot to blow off some steam.

***NOTE: Although swimming here is closed for the season, this is still a great spot to explore and enjoy the natural beauty. Just wait until you see it during autumn!

Address: 105 Enfield Falls Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850, USA