The Hike In New Mexico That Takes You To Not One, But SEVERAL Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls

New Mexico has numerous impressive natural waterfalls, although some of them are hard to reach. But there is one in the Santa Fe National Forest that is not only easy to hike, but has a great reward at the end of the trail. An extra bonus is that there are other beautiful falls around that offer additional beauty and fun! Here’s the wondrous waterfall hike in New Mexico you’ll want to take:

Have you hiked to the Jemez Falls, and if so, what was your overall experience? Did you visit the other surrounding falls there as well? You can learn more about this trail, ensure that it’s open, and plan your trip by visiting its official webpage. Are there other New Mexican falls you recommend visiting?

For a more comprehensive list of waterfalls in New Mexico, look at these 10 stunning locations that will take your breath away.

Address: Jemez Falls, New Mexico 87025, USA
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Waterfall Hike In New Mexico

December 04, 2020

What are the most beautiful hikes in New Mexico?

There are many scenic hikes in New Mexico you can take that’ll knock your socks off, without being that lengthy. The Crator Rim Trail is just over 1 mile long and will take you along the rim of an inactive volcano. The views you’ll get of the Capulin National Monument are absolutely stunning. Plus, the whole trail is paved, making it easy and accessible. Another stunning trail in the Land of Enchantment is the Osha Trail in the Lincoln National Forest. If you haven’t explored this beautiful area yet, this 2.5-mile trail is a great way to experience it and see the expanse of pines, hills, and even the White Sands in the distance.

What are the best waterfall hikes in New Mexico?

This isn’t the only waterfall hike in the state. The best hiking in New Mexico can be found on one of the many waterfall trails throughout it. The Williams Lake Trail, located near the Taos Ski Valley, has gorgeous mountain lake views as well as a great scene with a waterfall at the far end of the lake. It’s a moderate 3.7-mile length, so come prepared. You can combine the beauty of waterfalls and the relaxation of hot springs on the McCauley Hot Springs Trail in the Santa Fe National Forests. The trail to the warm, bubbling springs has waterfalls along the way, making it the perfect trip if you’re looking for pure serenity.

What are the best outdoor adventures in New Mexico?

Looking for more things to do outdoors in New Mexico? Beyond the state’s waterfalls and trails, there are many fun activities. The state has natural wonders like the White Sands National Park, a great place for trails, dune sledding, and more, as well as spots like the Bisti Badlands. That park will almost make you feel like you’re on another planet with its unique geological formations. You can’t think about outdoors in the Land of Enchantment without the Rio Grande Gorge coming to mind. That’s another perfect spot for any adventurer, whether you experience it from the bridge or down on the rapids below.

Address: Jemez Falls, New Mexico 87025, USA