4 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In New Mexico That Will Leave You Baffled

There are many proverbs along the lines of “you reap what you sow.” As a society, we believe in the idea of seeking justice. However, when a horrific crime remains unsolved, it compounds the pain for the victims’ families and leaves us with lots of questions. Here are four unsolved mysteries in New Mexico, one historical, and three more recent. Everything from mysterious disappearances in New Mexico to murders and ghosts – the Land of Enchantment has it all!

What do you think about these mysteries? Will they ever be solved? Is there a New Mexico mystery that continues to haunt you?

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Mysterious Disappearances in New Mexico

May 21, 2022

What are some fascinating unsolved mysteries in New Mexico?  

New Mexico is one of those states that just kind of seems steeped in mystery. It’s relatively unpopulated, and it’s home to all kinds of ultra-weird, ultra-interesting, or otherwise interesting-in-some-way mysteries. For example, the infamous Roswell crash occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. It’s the single most famous UFO-related incident in United States history, and to this day, the town embraces its eerie claim to fame – that an unidentified craft crashed just outside of town, and it was of extraterrestrial origins – with open arms. It is, by far, New Mexico’s most famous mystery. Speaking of UFOs, another infamous unsolved mystery in New Mexico is the Lonnie Zamora UFO sighting in 1964, in which a trustworthy policeman sighted a craft with beings in it that left signs of its presence in the form of indentations on the ground, and more. To say there are plenty of mysteries in New Mexico is an understatement!  

What are the most notorious unsolved murders in New Mexico?  

Some of the unsolved mysteries in New Mexico are, unfortunately, all too earthly and human. There is a multitude of unsolved murders in the state, many of which are quite notorious. In 2009, a woman walking her dog found a human bone, and many more were found in the vicinity, which led to the discovery of a mass grave in which 11 women were unceremoniously discarded. It is unknown to this day who the killer of these women is (or was), and it remains one of the most frightening unsolved homicides in New Mexico to this day. Another notorious unsolved murder mystery in New Mexico is that of Joey Moreno, who was found shot three times, execution-style, in the head, and was found beside his car, which was still running, music on and everything. He was found at milepost three on Highway 78, nearby the Arizona border. It is not known what happened, who killed him, or why.  

What are some of the most baffling New Mexico mysteries?  

Other mysteries of New Mexico include disappearances, like the disappearance of Tara Calico on September 20, 1988, when she went on a bike ride in her neighborhood. Less than one year later, on June 15, 1989, a woman found a photograph in a grocery store parking lot depicting a young woman and a young boy, both of whom were bound with duct tape and appeared to be Tara and another missing child. Despite the discovery of this photograph, it is not known what happened to Tara, or why. It is not known if she is still alive, or where she may be. Then, there was the disappearance of Anthonette Cayedito, on April 6, 1986, from her bedroom in the middle of the night. She was sighted many times over the years, but she is thought to be likely deceased.