Most People Have No Idea These Underwater Cities In New Mexico Even Exist

The remains of not one, but two towns are submerged beneath the waters of Navajo Lake. This reservoir spans the New Mexico/Colorado border, although the majority of Navajo Lake is in the Land of Enchantment. This is New Mexico’s second biggest lake after Elephant Butte; both bodies of water were created through the construction of dams.

Today, Navajo Lake is a popular recreation area. In addition to trout, salmon, and bass fishing, people come to this state park for boating, camping, hiking, and swimming. And let’s not forget scuba diving. Barring a drought, that’s now the only way to view the remains of Rosa and Los Arboles.

These aren’t our state’s only underwater towns, but it’s always equal parts sad and intriguing to learn that we have our own mini versions of Atlantis right here in New Mexico.