The Pancakes At This New Mexico Cafe Are So Huge They Won’t Even Fit On The Plate

If you’re in Red River, it might be to ski down a mountainside or to take in the sweet air surrounded by small town folks that’ll make you feel right at home. While this town is a perfect getaway for many reasons, it’s also home to a cafe that serves up a truly unforgettable breakfast. Along with many of our favorite New Mexican morning meals, this wholesome spot serves up some of the biggest pancakes you’ll ever lay eyes on. These fluffy pancakes are so big, they can’t even fit on a plate! Let’s head on over to Red River to indulge in a pancake breakfast that’s truly monstrous.

Have you ever had a gigantic pancake at Old Tymer’s Cafe? Did you complete the challenge? We’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments!

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