This Creepy Ghost Town In New Mexico Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Abandoned buildings and even entire towns litter the land here. That’s because New Mexico’s history is closely tied to mining and railroads. As a result, many places experienced a brief period of prosperity, followed by a bust. Some people find the uninhabited or barely-occupied ghost towns left behind fascinating, while to others they’re just plain creepy. Cuervo is one such town.

As far as ghost towns go, Cuervo is easily accessible – right off I-40, east of Santa Rosa. The convenience of its location sometimes means problems and possibly even crimes, as discussed in this KRQE video.

Some people claim to have had paranormal experiences in the town. (Warning: this video contains some profanity at the end.)

Is Cuervo a literal ghost town or is it haunted by human predators? Maybe it’s just an abandoned spot in New Mexico that is frozen in time.

Have you visited? What was your experience in Cuervo?