The Day Trip Of A Lifetime You Can Only Take In New Mexico

How would you like to take a top-secret tour of New Mexico? Travel back to 1947 and learn about the mysterious Roswell Incident at the exact sites where the events took place. This interactive history tour of Roswell lasts for two hours, but will leave you with a lifetime’s worth of questions.

And, no, this isn’t the wacky type of excursion that requires you to wear a tin hat and subscribe to outlandish theories. Dennis Balthaser, who offers these private tours of the city of Roswell, favors a cowboy hat – but that’s the extent of his headwear! While Balthaser certainly has ideas about what happened in 1947, his ultimate goal seems to be a search for the truth.

These tours typically take place twice a day, Monday through Friday.

They fill up fast, so be sure to make a reservation (48 hours in advance).

The tour price is set at $100 and up to four people can participate – bringing the cost down to $25 per person. For more information.

Since you’re in Roswell, you’ll probably also want to visit the International UFO Museum. Here is a past article about this unusual place.

Does a UFO tour appeal to you? It’s certainly a one of a kind experience.