Definitely Take A Summer Day Trip To This Charming Town In New Jersey

When it comes to shore towns, New Jersey delivers. We’ve got so many incredible beach destinations but one is absolutely overflowing with charm. It’s got everything we’re looking for in a day trip destination, and it’s easy to stay so much longer. From the featured photo you probably already know…we’re talking about Cape May. This town is a perfect blend of history and architecture, natural beauty and man-made fun – and we can’t forget about the food. There’s just so much to love. Read on for some of our can’t-miss Cape May spots, activities, and attractions.

What would you add to this list? There are more magnificent places than mentionable in a single post, so if you’d like a list that focuses on the best restaurants in Cape May, let me know in the comments. For more on the terrific trolley tours, click here.