History Has Forgotten This Bizarre New Jersey Event From 100 Years Ago

Every New Jerseyan has heard of the Jersey Devil. The infamous cryptid (creature whose existence has not yet been proven) is the stuff of legend. Often described as a winged biped with hooves, horns and the face of a horse, accounts of its appearance do vary. Many of us grew up telling tales of the terrifying demon spawn around campfires and under covers, but it’s only been somewhat of a dark fairy tale to us.

What caused everyone to go crazy that week? Was it mass hysteria? Did the Jersey Devil actually exist? Some believe that the culprit was a Sand Hill Crane – a giant bird with a nasty temperament. Whatever it was, history often forgets the week that the Jersey Devil was “real.” For more New Jersey lore, read my previous post on 16 Urban Legends In The Garden State.