The Awesome Hike In New Jersey That Will Take You Straight To An Abandoned Castle

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned castle? New Jersey was once home to hundreds but few still remain. Only a handful are open to visitors and you won’t want to miss them. Skylands Manor and Lambert Castle are true treasures but there’s something to be said for castle ruins, as well. It’s always striking (and sometimes somber) to see a crumbling reminder of what was. Think you’re adventurous enough to explore this abandoned hike in New Jersey?

This abandoned hike in New Jersey is truly spectacular, and the ruins are incredible to see. Be sure to use caution and common sense, however. For more photos of the ruins, visit:, and to learn more about the history of Cliff Dale, visit A trail map of the area is available here. A special thank you goes to the Palisade Interstate Park Commission, for letting me use their photo of the manor.

You’ll be right by the haunted Devil’s Tower in Alpine while you’re in the area, and it’s worth checking out as well. If you’re less a fan of spooky sites and more a fan of beautifully maintained castles, learn about a few favorites in New Jersey by clicking here. Enjoy historic tours, a chance to stay overnight, and even a coffee shop that’s styled like a castle.

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abandoned hike in New Jersey

March 15, 2021

Does New Jersey have any castles?

Yes! You may be surprised to learn that New Jersey is home to a fair share of fascinating castles, many of which you can explore today. One of the most interesting is known as the Women’s Federation Monument, and it has an intriguing past. The monument pays tribute to the role that the New Jersey Federation of Women’s Clubs had in preserving Palisades Cliffs. The castle is small but positively enchanting. In order to reach this landmark, you’ll do a bit of hiking. Learn more about this hidden castle in New Jersey that almost no one knows about.

Are there any abandoned ghost towns in New Jersey?

The Garden State has an extensive history, and it likely comes as no surprise that not all the settlements that were established since the state was colonized have survived. Some well-known abandoned ghost towns in New Jersey include Batsto Village, Waterloo Village, and Raritan Landing. However, there’s another ghost town with a creepy past. Ong’s Hat is located in the Pemberton Township, and before the last residents left in 1936, the town experienced some unexplainable disappearances. In fact, some believe that Ong’s Hat is a portal to an entirely different dimension. You can learn more about the fascinating and eerie history of this abandoned ghost town in New Jersey.

Can I hike to ruins in New Jersey?

For another trail that leads to the past, try visiting Wharton State Forest. It’s here you’ll find several abandoned villages, many of which offer insight into New Jersey’s past. One of the easiest to visit is Batsto Village, which was a former bog iron and glass manufacturing site circa 1766. While you’re in the area, you can venture out a little further and visit the ruins of Harrisville. Once the site of a booming paper mill, this village was abandoned by 1891. Learn more about how you can experience the ruins of Harrisville, New Jersey.

Address: Palisades Interstate Pkwy, United States

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.