The New Jersey Bakery In The Middle Of Nowhere That’s One Of The Best On Earth

While you can find bakeries almost anywhere you go, few states do them right. Or, at least, as right as we do…New Jersey has the BEST bakeries. We’re paradise for donut lovers and offer amazing pastries and pies. Speaking of pies, this bakery and cafe in the Pinelands has some of the most mouthwatering pie you’ll ever try.

A beloved South Jersey staple, you can find Penza’s Pies at 51 S Myrtle Street in Hammonton. They’ve been featured on the Food Network and have won numerous awards! If you love sweet treats but live in the North Jersey area, check out this incredible bakery that employs differently-abled youth. Or, if you prefer, you can order online and have their ricotta pies shipped to your door. If you head down to the shop, be sure to have cash on hand.