The Unexpectedly Awesome New Jersey Rest Stops That You’ll Actually Want To Visit

Rest stops are a part of life in New Jersey. They dot our Turnpike, Parkway, and several other highways. With all of our traveling and traffic, they’re a necessity, but we often take them for granted. They’re places we NEED to go but not places we WANT to go. Though, I think that idea might be worth reconsidering. A reporter from out-of-state (Kristen Hampton) recently visited New Jersey and was in awe of our rest stops! You can see the adorable video below and can take a minute to appreciate how convenient they are.

Not sold on rest stops yet? We’ve got a few standouts that you might actually want to visit. Check them out below!

What’s your favorite rest stop in New Jersey? To learn more about the food and views at State Line Lookout, click here.