Fall Is Here And These Are The 7 Best Places To See The Changing Leaves In New Jersey

One of the best perks about living in New Jersey during the fall? You get to admire the colorful fall foliage that blankets the state during autumn! The changing leaves really make the season here in New Jersey so special. Of course, some places are better than others to view the leaves. Here are some of our favorite spots to admire the changing fall foliage.

Of course, these are just a few of the places where you can admire the changing leaves in New Jersey. There are all kinds of great spots to admire the fall foliage throughout the state during the fall months!

Address: Buttermilk Falls, Mountain Rd, Layton, NJ 07851, USA
Address: Mount Tammany, Knowlton Township, NJ 07832, USA
Address: Ghost Lake, Independence Township, NJ 07838, USA
Address: High Point State Park, 1480 NJ-23, Sussex, NJ 07461, USA
Address: Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, USA
Address: New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, 15 Springfield Rd, New Lisbon, NJ 08064, USA
Address: Wharton State Forest, Waterford, NJ 08089, USA