Few People Know There’s A Mystical Swimming Hole Hidden Along The Baldface Circle Trail In New Hampshire

There’s nothing more fantastic than exploring the great outdoors in New Hampshire. From the beloved and well-known trails we’ve been doing for years to the ones that offer quiet and solitude, there’s always a way to escape. We especially love the areas that feel like something extra-special, not findable in any other state. This swimming hole on a hiking trail in New Hampshire offers just that!

Emerald Pool off the Baldface Circle Trail can be accessed year-round, but is best during the warmer months if you’d like to take a dip in the water. The 1.6-mile, out-and-back trail takes under an hour to complete, not including time spent in the water.

There are lots of ways to cool down in the water, even if you can’t make it the Baldface Circle Trail. These 5 waterfall swimming holes in New Hampshire are perfect for a summer day.

Address: Emerald Pool, State Rte 113, Chatham, NH 03813, USA