Spend The Night In New Hampshire’s Most Haunted Cabin For A Truly Terrifying Experience

New Hampshire residents, whether or not they’re hikers, know to take the dangers of the mountains – extreme weather, sharp descents, animals – seriously. What they may not know is that not all of these dangers can be explained by the physical world. Right on the side of Mount Washington, our state holds one of the scariest places in the country to spend the night.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.


The good news for frightened hikers is that in the summer, the Lake of the Clouds hut is always full of visitors – so at least you’ll have company if you’re visited by the Presence. In the off season, you can still stay in the hut, but you’ll need more equipment, perseverance, and bravery – it’s an awfully long way back to civilization if you suddenly need to flee.

To learn more about the Lake of the Clouds hut and the other AMC huts, visit their website. The hut can be reached by several trails, including those leading from the Cog Railway. Load your backpack and bring all your courage for this hike.