This Exhilarating Hike Takes You To a Crystal Blue Lake In New Hampshire

If you’re anything like us, the last few months have frazzled your nerves and kept you guessing. There are a few ways to get yourself back to baseline, but one of our go-to methods is by getting outside. Whether it’s a few minutes outside in the morning or an all-day trip to the woods, fresh New Hampshire air is a great way to clear your head. If you’re looking for a way to do it that includes some beautiful views, we recommend this hike!

Five Finger Point Trail is best between May and October, but always check the weather first to make sure conditions are safe. You can learn more about it by visiting You can check out all the different trails (there are at least 10!) in the West Rattlesnake Natural Area by clicking here.

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Address: Five Finger Point, Sandwich, NH 03227, USA