Spend The Night In An Airbnb That’s Inside An Actual Mountainside Yurt Right Here In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a great place to get closer to nature. Whether you enjoy a walk outside in the morning while you grab a cup of coffee or something more adventurous involving a hike, there’s something about that fresh air that refreshes and revives us. And if a few hours is good an overnight trip is even better! Plan one in this yurt with incredible views of the mountains and you’ll be reminded just why we love this place so much.

The Trailside Yurt can be booked through Airbnb for about $90 per night depending on the season. You can check it out here. For those looking for more unique stays, we’ve got another fantastic choice. There’s a hobbit-themed Airbnb in New Hampshire and it’s the perfect little hideout.

Address: Bethlehem, NH, USA