This 7-Tiered Forest Waterfall In New Hampshire Offers A Beautiful Woodland Experience

Of all the adventures to be had here in New Hampshire our favorites are the ones that feel a bit hidden. There are plenty of hikes, waterfalls, road trips and restaurants that come to mind when people mention the Granite State, but for each of those there are even more lesser-known things to see. And that might be what we love best about this state. The next time you want to explore something you’ve never seen before consider making the trip to this waterfall hidden within the White Mountains.

The Thompson Falls Trail is an easy way to reach the waterfall. You can learn more about the route on And, of course, there’s still nothing wrong with the more popular spots! The almost perfect sights and sounds of the Flume Gorge Trail in New Hampshire will be a memory you won’t forget!

Address: Thompson Falls, Hale's Location, NH 03812, USA