The Whimsical Tea Room In Nevada That’s Like Something From A Storybook

When most people think of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s usually gambling, parties, shows, and drinking that come to mind. After all, that’s exactly what Las Vegas is known for. However, true Nevadans know that there’s a lot more to “Sin City” than meets the eye. The city is bursting with different types of cultures and interesting attractions that are worth seeking out including this whimsical tea room. A tea room is probably one of the last things you’d expect to come across in Vegas but this place has proven to be a unique experience that everybody should accomplish at some point. Take a look:

Doesn’t this tea room look amazing? This would be the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Las Vegas, no gambling involved! Check out these 14 Hidden Gems In Nevada for more little-known destinations that must be experienced.