As local travel experts, we know what travelers are looking for when it comes to finding the perfect accommodations for their next trip. To compile our lists, we scour the internet to find properties with excellent ratings and reviews, desirable amenities, nearby attractions, and that something special that makes a destination worthy of traveling for.

Who doesn’t love a nice, tranquil stay in a bed and breakfast? Instead of the noise and traffic associated with larger hotels or motels in busy areas, bed and breakfasts tend to be more relaxing, romantic, and restful with a unique ambiance. Take a look at these truly unique, only in Nevada bed and breakfasts that you’ll find yourself drawn to again and again.

Have you been lucky enough to enjoy any of these bed-and-breakfasts? Have you visited any others? Please comment below – we love hearing from you and learning about your favorite places. You never know – you might see your picks featured someday!

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Best Bed and Breakfasts in Nevada

What are some fun road trips in Nevada to take?  

Can we be honest here for a second? Okay, here goes – we confess: Nevada. Is. Awesome. You read that right – in fact, we think this state is one of the best. After all, it’s got an amazingly diverse list of things to do, see, and experience, and is filled to the brim with some of the most breathtaking landscapes you’ll ever find yourself admiring. As a result, there are plenty of options for Nevada-based road trips (and we made a handy list of some of our favorites here). For example, Nevada is home to more than 600 known ghost towns, many of which still have buildings intact, and you can make a road trip out of visiting as many (or as few) as you would like. Nevada is filled with natural wonders, so it would also make sense to whip up a road trip where you check out several of them over the course of one or more days. You can create a trip to do on one tank of gas, or maybe head to several of the state’s best restaurants and eateries. The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination – go get in the car and take off. You never know what you’ll find.  

Where are some beautiful getaway spots in Nevada?  

Nevada is beautiful and really doesn’t get the love we feel it deserves. Sure, there’s the strip – but what if you’re craving natural beauty? Well, Nevada’s got plenty of that to go around. For example, Nevada is home to several amazing ski resorts, but during the summer, those same resorts turn into hubs of activity where you can explore and appreciate the great outdoors from the comfort of a luxurious stay. If that sounds nice to you, check out some of our amazing state parks or natural wonders like Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, or the Calico Hills. Head up to the mountains for a relaxing retreat, or go tubing on the river. Nevada is amazing – it would be a tragedy to underestimate it.

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