Most People Have No Idea This Underwater City In Nevada Even Exists

There are roughly 600 abandoned towns in Nevada, and each one tells a hauntingly beautiful tale of Nevada’s past. In the early 1900s, the tiny town of St. Thomas was a thriving little community founded by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before succumbing to rising river waters. Over the next century, waters have receded now you can take to this once underwater town in Nevada on a scenic hike that’s fairly short and sweet. Let’s check it out:

Once you’ve checked out this underwater town in Nevada, hop in the car and take this epic road trip that’ll bring you to even more Nevada ghost towns. 

Address: Saint Thomas, St Thomas, NV 89040, USA
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Abandoned towns in Nevada

July 12, 2022

Can I hike to abandoned places in Nevada?

There’s something about exploring an abandoned area that just draws us in. With so many ghost towns in Nevada, you’ll have plenty of options for hiking to abandoned spots. One of our favorite spots is the Stanley B Springs Trail in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. The trail clocks in at just shy of 2.5 miles and has a little bit of everything, including mountain views, plenty of shade, and even an abandoned mine shaft towards the end of the trail. It’s been barred off for safety reasons, so you won’t be able to explore inside, but you can take a peek if you have a flashlight and see what’s lurking behind the darkness. A little further down the trail, you’ll find two more caves that were turned into mines. These are not barred off, but we wouldn’t recommend venturing in, you never know what critters have claimed it as their home.

Are there any ghost towns in Nevada?

There are over 600 abandoned towns in Nevada, a byproduct of the mining boom. When the mines dried up, the towns dried up as well, leaving many to move on to other towns and start over. Delamar is just one of the many Nevada ghost towns you can visit, and this one, in particular, has a paranormal past to boot. While it was once a successful mining town from 1895-1900, the mine was notorious for the high number of deaths that occurred in the mine. The town even earned the unfortunate nickname of “The Widow Maker” because of this.

What are the best outdoor adventures in Nevada?

While you’re visiting St. Thomas, don’t forget to check out all of the other amazing attractions within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, America’s first and largest national recreation area. From historic railroad hiking trails to kayaking around the lake, you’ll never fun out of things to do at this epic 1.5 million acre natural beauty that’s both in Nevada and Arizona.

Address: Saint Thomas, St Thomas, NV 89040, USA