Nevada has natural wonders full of incredible beauty and fun-filled cities like Las Vegas, Reno and more. It does have its dangers, though, and tourists and residents alike should be aware of them. Here are seven of the most dangerous places in Nevada, natural and man-made. Check them out, and be safe out there!

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Are there other spots in Nevada that you would advise visitors to be cautious of? Share in the comments! What are your favorite “dangerous” places in the state? Share those as well!

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Most Dangerous Places in Nevada

What are some of the most dangerous towns in Nevada?  

Well, we have some good news, and some bad news; the good news is that Nevada is not the most dangerous state to live in or visit. The bad news, however, is that it’s the 11th-worst state to live in or visit, thanks to higher-than-average property and violent crime rates. Oof! A lot of this can likely be attributed to the Vegas Strip, but not all of it; in fact, there are some small towns all over the state that aren’t exactly the safest. Some of the most dangerous towns (and cities, while we’re at it – other than Las Vegas) in Nevada, according to our friends at, are Elko, which has a population of over 20,000 and the third-highest rate of property crime in the state. Then there’s Sparks – a larger town than Elko – which has a violent crime and burglary rate that puts it in the top ten most dangerous towns in the nation. Others include Carlin, North Las Vegas, and Winnemuca. But, this doesn’t mean these places can’t or won’t get their acts together at some point; the town of Pioche was once the single most dangerous place in the state. Read more about it in this article!  

Where are the safest places in Nevada?  

Don’t let the above paragraph freak you out, though; Nevada is home to plenty of safe places, too, just like anywhere else. Our friends at RoadSnacks don’t only focus on the negative – they also compile lists of the safest cities and towns in each state, including Nevada. At the time of this writing, some of the safest places in Nevada include Henderson, Reno, and plenty of others. Henderson’s violent crime rate was an impressive 1.7 incidents for every 100,000 residents. Other notably safe cities and towns include Boulder City, Mesquite, and West Wendover.  

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