One Of The Largest Mass Murders In Nebraska Remains Unsolved To This Day

We all know about the most notorious crimes in Nebraska, like Charles Starkweather’s trail of mayhem. But a mass murder in Lincoln once killed 11 people all at once, and many Nebraskans have no idea it ever happened.

After serving ten years in prison, Davis was released in 1905 by then-governor John Mickey. Mickey – along with plenty of other people – had serious doubts as to Davis’ guilt. The governor cited a lack of evidence and an absence of motive in his decision to grant Mr. Davis parole.

To this day, no one else has been able to name a motive or another possible perpetrator. Although it was one of the deadliest crimes in the state, we will probably never know who sent that train plunging from the trestle. More importantly, we will never know why.

You can now walk under the ill-fated trestle on the North Jamaica Trail in Wilderness Park and see a historical marker that tells the tale of this awful tragedy.

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