There’s A Star Wars Themed Movie Theater Hiding In Nebraska And It’s As Awesome As It Sounds

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Actually, it wasn’t so long ago – December of 2015, to be exact – and it was right here in our home state. A movie theater unlike any other opened just outside of Omaha and has since become a popular destination for movie lovers. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is North America’s only Star Wars-themed movie theater, and it’s totally amazing.

Talk about the awesome theater and terrific food and drinks all you want – just not while the movie’s playing. There’s a strictly-enforced no talking, no texting, no latecomers policy designed to maximize everyone’s moviegoing experience.

Trust us – this is the theater you’re looking for. Find the Alama Drafthouse Cinema and Liquid Sunshine Taproom at 12750 Westport Parkway, La Vista, NE 68138. Learn more about this unique theater, see the menu, and get showtimes on its website or Facebook page.

This isn’t the only next-level cool movie theater in Nebraska. Read about a one-of-a-kind transforming theater in a tiny town here.