Learn, Grow, And Bloom With The Various Educational Offerings At The Fabulous Pfanny’s Farm In Nebraska

Here in Nebraska, most of us grew up on or near farms. But as fewer and fewer families are involved in the agricultural way of life, the younger generations are missing out on some of those incomparable family-farm experiences. This fabulous farm in Pierce County is a place to grow, connect with the earth and with other people, and let your knowledge truly bloom.

Book your own stay on Pfanny’s Farm through HipCamp, or sign up for the Garden Tour adventure through Airbnb. Learn even more about this delightful northeastern Nebraska gem on its website or Facebook page. (Please note that the 2020 offerings are limited due to the ongoing pandemic.)

While you’re staying at Pfanny’s Farm, why not take a couple of hours to experience one of Nebraska’s premier waterparks in nearby Norfolk? Read all about AquaVenture here.

Address: 86765 US-81, Randolph, NE 68771, USA